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Succotash Salad

Better Homes and Gardens is offering a free downloadable cookbook in commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The cookbook is packed with healthy recipes and beautiful pictures. Here is one of my favorite bean recipes in it.   If you’re interested in trying traditional succotash, then check out our popular succotash recipe. Succotash Salad 1Continue Reading

Baked Beans and Kale

The New York Times recently published a delicious Baked Beans and Kale recipe that’s worth sharing.  Vegan readers will be happy note that this a vegan baked beans recipe. From the article: “Beans baked very slowly for several hours develop a creamy texture, while the liquid they cook in, which thickens to a syrup, acquiresContinue Reading

Summer Succotash

You can substitute dried lima beans in this succotash recipe by soaking the dried lima beans overnight, and then cooking in fresh water heated to a simmer until they are almost tender, about 40 minutes.  Add the bacon, cook the dried lima beans until tender, and then proceed with step two. Summer Succotash Recipe 1½Continue Reading