Mixed Dried Bean Blend

You can often find prepackaged dried bean blends containing three or more bean varieties, but it is cheaper to make your own. Here is a mixed bean recipe that combines 15 types of beans! Wow!

This 15-variety mixed dried bean blend is a key ingredient in our 15-bean and Winter Squash Chili recipe.

Mixed Dried Bean Blend

Combine equal parts dried beans:

great northern beans
white kidney beans (cannellini beans)
red kidney beans
black-eyed peas
green lentils
split peas
black beans
yellow split peas
navy beans
cranberry beans
pinto beans
small white lima beans
red lentils
cow peas (field peas)
pink beans

Avoid using large beans like chickpeas (garbanzo beans), fava beans, and large lima beans in your bean mixes because these beans take longer to cook than other varieties.

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