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Slow Cooker Beans

These slow cooker beans will be ready to use in any recipe calling for cooked beans. Slow cooker beans are a much cheaper, healthier, and tastier alternative to using canned beans. Cooked beans will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week. For even more convenience, make a large batch of slow cooker beans,Continue Reading

Pinto Beans Recipe

Use this easy pinto beans recipe as a starting point for refried beans or bean burritos. The onion and jalapeno give the pinto beans a delicious, spicy flavor, but these ingredients are optional. The pinto beans taste just fine cooked in water only! Cooked pinto beans will keep in the refrigerator for up to aContinue Reading

Mixed Dried Bean Blend

You can often find prepackaged dried bean blends containing three or more bean varieties, but it is cheaper to make your own. Here is a mixed bean recipe that combines 15 types of beans! Wow! This 15-variety mixed dried bean blend is a key ingredient in our 15-bean and Winter Squash Chili recipe. Mixed DriedContinue Reading